Mostrando las entradas de julio, 2008

You make me wanna...

I had this dream, you were on it. We were like walking to a place, that right now i just can't remember where. It was so weird cuz it wasn't a regular and lousy one. It really wasn't. I don't mean it was like one of those dreams were you don't know whether is a nightmare or not.
We were like a couple and all. I know it sounds silly but it was kinda nice. I really liked you. I don't mean I'm like oversexed or anything like that -although I'm quite sexy. I just like you, I mean. You're always looking at everything with such a goddamn seriousness and all. Looking me actually. I wonder if you really are like that. I'm not saying you're a liar or anything. I mean you can't tell anyone for his look. I don't mean that stupid proverb: Never judge a book by its cover. I know you're not a book. Even if you were, I know you were an interesting one. An interesting book I mean. Anyway, we where walking together. I was taking you. Surrounding…